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Katia Trechsel Soboul
Psychologist FSP


Expat Psy Switzerland

" Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."  Carl Gustav Jung

Psychological support, counselling and coaching

Why consult a psychologist?

Very often the family, friends or professional entourage will help us to overcome difficult situations. However, sometimes it is not enough. In such cases, it is necessary to seek outside help, through neutral and professional support.

It may take time and be difficult to make the request for a consultation with a professional. It requires courage, as the society we live in and even sometimes our loved ones may tend to make negative judgments about the need to "go see someone". From my point of view, it is above all an act of responsibility towards oneself. Daring to give oneself this gift is already accepting to start our way towards self-improvement.

I welcome you with benevolence and empathy, while respecting confidentiality. The consultations that I offer are intended for all people who are facing a personal, relational and/or professional difficulty, and wishing to be supported during this ordeal.

I have at heart to accompany the clients in the greatest respect of all the dimensions of their being, whatever their gender orientation, their spiritual path or their religious affiliation. 

My experience focus on adults, young adults and couples. My consultations can take place face to face or remotely.


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